The YoJo Crew

bromley_on_stool_webAlthough YoJo is certainly the star of all his performances, the success of his shows would never be possible without the support of a very dedicated group of talent.

YoJo’s current group of stage buddies include:


Also appearing on stage with our fuzzy friend is …

Vince Eisenson

Vince is glad to be touring and performing with YoJo for his fourth school year.  When not on stage or traveling with the big blue guy,  Vince enjoys teaching theater to elementary, middle and high-school students in the Washington, D.C. area.  He also acts with various theater companies in the D.C. area.  Vince has performed with Shakespeare Theatre Company, Chesapeake Shakespeare Co., Firebelly Productions and Georgetown University.   He also is a loving housepet owner of 8 dogs, 4 raccoons, 2 bighorn sheep and a skunk. **

Philip Doccolo

Philip will be performing with YoJo for a second straight school year.  He is a graduate from Washington College with a theater degree, and has performed in several plays with Zero Hour Theatre, Glass Mind Theatre Company, and Run of the Mill Theatre in Baltimore.  Philip loves spending as much time as possible on stage, and has taught theater to children at Curtain Call Theatre camp in Easton, MD.  He is also a game show host of live trivia games around the Baltimore area with Finalscore Trivia.  Philip also has x-ray vision and can fly. **

Nate Welch

Nate recently joined the YoJo crew this past February, but he is no stranger to performing and education.  In fact, Nate has more than 12 years of mascot performing experience that includes the University of Nebraska Huskers, the NCAA, and various professional performing companies and minor league baseball teams.  He is also a former television reporter for the ABC and NBC stations in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  Nate has plans to bring The YoJo Show to not only the Midwest United States, but also to Uzbekistan and Antarctica. **

** Some of these facts may be slightly embellished or just flat-out lies.