“Ace Your Test”
YoJo’s ACE YOUR TEST assemblies are all about getting your students prepared, confident, and energized for your standardized tests!

This program works great for:

  • Illinois' IAR
  • New Jersey's NJSLA
  • Maryland's MCAP
  • Pennsylvania's PSSA
  • Virginia's SOL

If your school takes another type of standardized test, YoJo can still help. Keep reading below …

Subject: Standardized Test Preparation

Age / Grade Level: All elementary grades taking a standardized test.

Program Length: Approx. 45 min.

Key Messages: This show covers very specific test-taking strategies and has been co-developed directly with educators who know these tests thoroughly. Some of the important points that an ACE YOUR TEST show may include:

  • Important student preparations before the test. (Getting a good night’s sleep, eating a healthy breakfast, showing up on time, etc.)

  • Paying close attention to all instructions, questions, and answer choices.

  • The proper way to fill out answers on traditional pencil & paper tests OR reviewing technology enhanced items and tools for computerized tests.

  • Using the process of elimination to make a better educated guess at tough multiple-choice or multiple-select questions.

  • Writing ‘open-ended’ constructed responses clearly and neatly.

  • Supporting constructive responses with proof, evidence and detail.

  • Most importantly: Confidence and a great attitude!

Of course, each standardized test is different in style and format, so we modify our program according to your needs.

Synopsis: YoJo is extremely nervous about taking tests. In fact, YoJo faints when he finds out he must take a live game-show style test challenge in front of all the children. The show host and all of the students help prepare and coach YoJo during this challenge. YoJo initially makes a lot of hysterical but common mistakes and does pretty poorly, but throughout the show he learns several beneficial test-taking strategies and improves tremendously. YoJo ultimately develops a strong confidence to “Ace his Test!”

Not only is the ACE YOUR TEST program educational and inspiring, but it may also be the most enjoyable and hilarious performance that your school will ever experience!

Also Included: YoJo’s “Top 10 Test-Taking Tips” posters for every class in attendance, plus a special bonus CD that reviews all the strategies taught throughout the assembly.


ACE YOUR TEST will soon be adapted for live broadcasts via ZOOM from our TV studio to your young audience. Call for details.