About YoJo

Who is this fuzzy guy?

This big, blue, wild and groovy creature called YoJo is essentially a living cartoon character that was created to perform motivational and educational comedy shows for elementary schools or any venue with large groups of children.


YoJo is not a simple theme-park character. His personality is MUCH more animated and comical. With help from his talented friends and use of new production technologies, YoJo sets the gold standard for “Hilariously Educational” entertainment for school age children.


YoJo and his crew are celebrating over 20 years of “Laughter & Learning” with FOUR FANTASTIC PROGRAMS. Over 4,400 YoJo programs have been performed to live audiences around the country. He has a very dedicated following of schools that traditionally invite him to return year-after-year.

  • Informative
  • Entertaining
  • Educational
  • Hilarious

The YoJo show’s creator and producer is Bromley Lowe, a former Major League Baseball and NFL Football mascot with the Baltimore Orioles and the Baltimore Ravens. He also serves on the executive board for the Mascot Hall of Fame in Whiting, Indiana.


Bromley has dedicated his entire career to performing comedy, spreading smiles, and energizing kids of all ages. He currently lives in Columbia, Maryland and is also the producer of “The Game Showsters”, an online trivia and game show production.


YoJo’s shows wouldn’t be complete without his dedicated on-stage crew. Each show host brings their unique talents to YoJo’s production, but all are committed to creating a wonderful experience for every young audience.