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Hey YoJo …

So, what does YoJo do? What does a show entail?

An event from YoJo is so much more than a mascot appearance. His purpose is to energize large groups of children by performing scripted kids’ comedy shows with educational themes.

This unique show experience is a top-notch stage production that includes two performers, a fantastic backdrop set, a whole “van-load” of oversized props, and a high-tech audio system for music and sound effects. Some of YoJo’s shows even incorporate a large screen video board to better illustrate important lessons.
What is the cost of a YoJo performance?

Travel and scheduling factors always determine total costs, we do not post rates on our website. Please fill out YoJo’s online BOOKING FORM and we will be happy to give you a quote. You can also call Bromley Productions at 1-800-404-YOJO (9656)

I don't see your schedule online. When is YoJo available?

Because it frequently changes, we do not post YoJo’s travel schedule on the website. Please fill out YoJo’s online BOOKING FORM and we will be happy to let you know of YoJo’s availability in your area. You can also call Bromley Productions at 1-800-404-YOJO (9656)

Where are you located? How far will you travel?

Bromley Productions, LLC and YoJo’s official headquarters are located in Columbia, Maryland. (In between Washington, DC & Baltimore, MD) The Middle-Atlantic US states are YoJo’s normal travel areas (NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD, DC, VA) But YoJo enjoys traveling and taking road trips to other parts of the country..

What is YoJo's target audience age range?

YoJo’s target audience is elementary school age children.
YoJo’s BULLY NO MORE program does great for K-8 schools, too.

What is a typical audience size for a YoJo performance?

Depending on the venue layout, YoJo’s shows work perfectly for audiences from 50 – 1,000 children in attendance.

How long has YoJo been performing?

March 2, 2000 marks YoJo’s official birthday! On that day, he debuted his first CHOOSE TO READ show in Beltsville, Maryland. Since then, YoJo has performed over 4,400 shows to young audiences all over the USA.

Isn't YoJo really just for little kids? Won't my older grades get bored at this stuff?

No. Totally not. The older kids will enjoy YoJo just as much as the younger ones. YoJo’s comical style and animation appeals to all elementary grades. The creator and main performer of YoJo has over 10 years of Major League mascotting experience. If he can handle New York Yankee fans, he can handle your 5th graders.

Doesn't YoJo scare kids?

No. YoJo would not be in business for 20+ years if he was scary. The overwhelming majority of elementary school age kids love his shows and his style.

What's needed on my end to host a YoJo show at my school?

Not much. The YoJo show is mostly self-contained and only needs very basic items like chairs, a table, access to electricity, and a backstage area or a separate private room for YoJo to change. The program is typically performed in auditoriums, gymnasiums, or multi-purpose rooms. In his 20+ year history, YoJo has never traveled to a school or venue where a show could not be performed.

We don't have a stage. Can YoJo still perform a show?

Yes. Performing on a stage is preferred, but it is not an absolute requirement. In most cases, performing a YoJo show on a floor works just fine if the audience is seated on the floor without chairs. The only exception is the TREAT YOUR BODY RIGHT program. We strongly suggest a stage for that performance for larger audiences.

Can YoJo perform a show outside?

Maybe. YoJo has performed shows outdoors before, but we really would need to know the venue layout before approving. Call 1-800-404-YOJO (9656) to discuss with our show producer.

Can YoJo bring multiple show sets to our school to perform multiple show themes?

Yes, YoJo can bring different show sets. A common multiple show booking is having YoJo perform an ACE YOUR TEST assembly for intermediate testing grades, and a CHOOSE TO READ or TREAT YOUR BODY RIGHT assembly for the non-testing primary grades.

Do you offer virtual shows and assemblies?
Yes. Bromley Productions does offer virtual assemblies of YoJo’s show themes. They are presented live via Zoom (or any online meeting platform.) and are roughly half the cost of our on-stage performances. Call 1-800-404-YOJO (9656) to discuss with our show producer regarding details.
Are you insured?

Yes, and if an insurance certificate is required on your end, we’ll be happy to provide that.

Can you accept a school purchase order?

Yes. In many school districts around the country (e.g. New York City Public Schools) Bromley Productions, LLC is already on the list of approved vendors. If we are not currently an approved vendor in your school district, we would just need some guidance on what is needed to make that possible.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. credit cards, cash, or checks made out to Bromley Productions, LLC are accepted.

Can YoJo come to my child's birthday party?

YoJo really isn’t a birthday party act, so he probably is not your best option for that type of event. However, we do offer some great YOJO GEAR that makes for a wonderful birthday present!

We just want to give our kids a fun experience. Can YoJo do a show without any educational content?

If you would like a “just-for-fun” on-stage experience for kids, we recommend YoJo’s CHOOSE TO READ or TREAT YOUR BODY RIGHT programs. Even though both those programs have good underlying messages, they are still lots-of-laughs and great for non-educational settings.

Are there discounts in costs for multiple show bookings or if we co-booked with a neighboring school for the day?

Yes. Bromley Productions offers a number of discounts on multiple show bookings, co-bookings with other schools, and re-booking YoJo shows during the same school year. Call 1-800-404-YOJO (9656) to discuss with our show producer regarding details.

What kind of creature is YoJo anyway?

Good Question. Your guess is as good as ours. Interestingly, YoJo’s creator discovered that his name means “Extra Emotion” in Japanese several years after his debut. Which is remarkably fitting given his vibrant personality.

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