“Choose to Read”

Subject: Reading Motivation

Age / Grade Level: Elementary grades.

Program Length: Approx. 40-45 min.

Key Message: Reading is important. Reading can be enjoyable, and …
“The More You Read, The Smarter You Get!”

Synopsis: In CHOOSE TO READ, YoJo discovers all about the importance and enjoyment of reading books through several comedic mishaps. YoJo initially has a bad attitude about reading. He feels it’s a complete waste of time and would rather indulge himself in watching TV and playing video games.

The show’s host is determined to change this negative position, so he puts YoJo in various situations where choosing not to read leads to several comical mishaps. Although YoJo learns the hard way about the importance of reading, the host eventually cheers him up by demonstrating that reading can also be lots of fun.

The show concludes by reading aloud and acting out a wonderful story where YoJo and an audience volunteer create magic through the power of reading.

Also Included: A dozen 11″ x 17″ color posters and a free copy of YoJo’s CHOOSE TO READ book.



CHOOSE TO READ has now been adapted for live broadcasts via ZOOM from our TV studio to your young audience. Call for details.