Health and Fitness

Apple ThrowIn TREAT YOUR BODY RIGHT, YoJo finally learns how to be active, eat sensibally, and live a healthy lifestyle

Show Title: “Treat Your Body Right”

Subject: Health & Fitness

Age / Grade Level: All elementary grades.

Program Length: Approx. 40 – 45 min.

Key Message: Be physically active everyday, always get a good night’s sleep,  and make healthy food choices.

Synopsis: It’s no secret that YoJo enjoys his junk food binges.  He also sees no problem in his couch potato way of life. However, he quickly realizes that he definitely needs help after some comical fitness challenges.  YoJo learns that being physically active everyday is not only important, but it can be a lot of fun, too.  The show also stresses the value of getting a good night’s sleep and features the USDA MyPlate Icon to illustrate sensible and well-balanced food choices. The program is concluded with your whole audience getting up and dancing to “YOJOROBICS!”

MyPlate-TYBR-web YoJo’s TREAT YOUR BODY RIGHT program has been updated
and now features the USDA MyPlate icon

Great For: Promoting a healthy lifestyle and/or kicking off field days.

The TREAT YOUR BODY RIGHT show now also includes a half-dozen free color posters for your school or organization.  They illustrate all the key points in the show as well as YoJo’s favorite foods and activities.

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If needed, your TREAT YOUR BODY RIGHT assembly can also include appropriate anti-smoking, anti-alcohol, or anti-drug messages.


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