Bromley Productions is seeking partnerships with corporate sponsors to make YoJo an even greater success.  Our shows are truly a wonderful experience for children in both entertainment and conveying positive messages.  However, the costs of such a production can often exceed the budgets for many schools, and unfortunately, the schools in lower-income communities are also the ones that are in the most need of such a program for their students.


Sponsoring YoJo’s shows is an excellent way to make a direct impact on large audiences of children.  Sponsors of YoJo will get the recognition they deserve for their support.  School shows will always have a captive assembly of several hundred children and faculty in attendance, and there are many different ways you can be credited and noticed for your contribution.  Best of all, sponsorship of these shows is 100% tax deductible if the funding is given directly to a school, a school system, or even to a non-profit partnership such as our friends at …

The Laughter Arts Foundation

Corporations that have sponsored YoJo shows in the past include…

Target stores

The Baltimore Sun’s Reading by 9 program

Suburban Hospital of Bethesda, Maryland

Central City Toyota of Philadelphia



If you are interested in becoming involved with the success of YoJo, please contact Bromley Productions to further discuss these sponsorship opportunities.