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Y O J O   V I D E O

It’s not quite “Masterpiece Theater”, but our big blue buddy has a cool highlight video that includes footage from all of his different shows.  YoJo’s creator and producer, Bromley Lowe, is also featured and talks about this fuzzy phenomenon. 


This online video is embedded via YouTube.

DVD Copies are available by request.


YoJo Photos

Like to know what YoJo’s diet consists of?


YoJo tries to tackle an 11 lb. cheeseburger at Denny’s Pub in Clearfield, PA.


YoJo shares a small snack with a buddy at Angelo’s Pizza in Baltimore, MD.
The pizza is 3 feet round, and must be consumed at the restaurant because they don’t make
pizza boxes that big.  But even if they did, the owner tells us it wouldn’t even fit out the door.

Believe it or not, the burger and the pizza in these photos are not props.  They are 100% real.  In fact, they were the inspiration behind the creation of the TREAT YOUR BODY RIGHT show.


YoJo enjoys a moment with some friends at the construction of
Annie’s Playground in Harford County, MD


YoJo poses with the Redskinettes at the Washington Auto Show.


YoJo makes a summer trip to Philadelphia
to have fun at the Mascot Hall of Fame ceremonies.


YoJo’s creator & producer, Bromley Lowe, is shown here exhibiting
The YoJo Show at the National NEA convention in Washington, DC.

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