In CHOOSE TO READ, YoJo discovers all about the importance and enjoyment of reading books through several comedic mishaps

Show Title: “Choose to Read”

Subject: Reading Motivation

Age / Grade Level: Elementary grades.

Program Length: Approx. 45 min.

Key Message: Reading is important. Reading can be a lot of fun, and …“The More You Read, The Smarter You Get!”

Synopsis: YoJo initially has a bad attitude about reading. He feels it’s a complete waste of time and would rather indulge himself in watching TV and playing video games. The show’s host is determined to change this negative position, so he puts YoJo in various situations where choosing not to read leads to several comical mishaps.

Although YoJo learns the hard way about the importance of reading, the host eventually cheers him up by demonstrating that reading can also be lots of fun. The show ends by reading aloud a short story from “The Prince and the Princess”, in which YoJo acts out the part of the prince, and an audience member plays the role of the princess. The enjoyment of the experience leaves YoJo with an enthusiastic spirit to read, and he’s last seen running off to the library.

Photo credit: Pamela Leland

Great For: Reading rallies and kicking-off reading incentive programs.

bookcover-smallThe CHOOSE TO READ script won an award from the Maryland State Arts Council for excellence in playwriting. The show is entertaining and funny enough even for non-educational settings. Every CHOOSE TO READ school assembly now includes a copy of YoJo’s CHOOSE TO READ BOOK! We also include a half-dozen free 11″ x 17″ CHOOSE TO READ posters, too.

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