About YoJo

This big, blue, wild and groovy creature called YoJo is essentially a living cartoon character and was created to perform motivational and educational comedy shows for large groups of children such as elementary schools, festivals or malls.

YoJo is definitely not your simple theme-park character. His personality is MUCH more athletic, animated, and comical. His style of “cartoon personification” is very similar to what a skilled sports mascot performer aims to accomplish. However, YoJo is not a sideshow act at a ballpark … YoJo is the show! With the help of additional talent and the use of new technologies for sound effects and music, great possibilities arise for hilarious entertainment. We strongly believe that YoJo’s unique style of performing is vaudevillian style comedy for the 21st century.

Our Mission …

TA-DA-PNGYoJo will be the #1 professional entertainer for elementary school age children. YoJo’s shows and performances will set the standard for excellence in physical comedy and motivating positive messages for children to strive for a better lifestyle.”

So, with this in mind…

The YoJo crew has three basic goals to accomplish when performing a show:

•We want our audience to laugh out loud at our routines and to be fully captivated by the on-stage entertainment.

•We want our audience to fully grasp the positive messages of each show and to be motivated to act upon those messages.

•Selfishly enough, we want to have as much fun as the audience experiences.


The YoJo crew has seven  organizational goals:

1.To have a large clientele of schools and organizations so that we are consistently busy performing our live shows.

2.To perform for a wide demographic of communities. This includes children of different economic classes, backgrounds, and languages. The humor in our shows is universally accepted, and we want to entertain and influence children outside of our local vicinity.

3.To establish partnerships with corporate sponsors to make YoJo an even greater success.

4.TO GET ON TV! YoJo definitely has got the looks, personality, and talent for television. He would be fantastic for children’s programming and also an excellent ambassador to any TV station.

5.To be fiscally sound so we can make a living performing comedy.

6.To continually improve upon our shows and performances so that we’re always producing a better product.

7.And again, we want to have fun… because if we’re not have fun, there’s really no point in doing any of this.