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Congratulations. You are now on to the official website of the most motivational, inspirational, and entertaining blue fuzzy guy: YoJo! YoJo performs educational comedy shows that are perfect to energize young audiences at elementary schools, libraries, theaters, or wherever there is a large group of children. YoJo's unique style of “laughter & learning” debuted in March of 2000. Since then, he has performed nearly 4,000 shows to audiences of MILLIONS! His show topics include:



In CHOOSE TO READ, YoJo discovers all about the importance and enjoyment of reading books through several comedic mishaps…

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BULLY NO MORE instructs what to do if children are a bully target, a witness to bullying, and we…

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YoJo’s ACE YOUR TEST assemblies are all about getting your students prepared, confident, and energized for your standardized tests!…

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Health and Fitness

In TREAT YOUR BODY RIGHT, YoJo finally learns how to be active, eat sensibally, and live a healthy lifestyle…

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